Olympia Foods – Original Flavor

A familiar taste and wonderful shared memories for many people.

At Olympia Foods, display shelves are packed with many products, from millet porridge for grandmothers to Western-style wedding pastries, where the dazzling array of offerings include bread, wagashi (Japanese confectionery), Chinese-style steamed dim sum, cakes and stews, appealing to a wide range of tastes. Located on Chengdu Road in Ximending, Olympia Foods has provided many friendly familiar memories over the years. Founded in 1950, the origin of the name “Olympia” can be traced to company founder Mr. Wu Ding-Biao, who once led Taiwanese judo competitors at the Olympic Games. Olympia Foods was also the first open-style compound bakery in Taiwan and one of the most influential bakeries in the country, becoming a role model for many newcomers into the industry. Olympia Foods was the first bakery to feature open-style display windows that enabled consumers to tell whether bread was fresh or not. With a unique technical formula from Japan, the texture of products is easily distinguishable from the other bakeries. Moreover, Olympia Foods was also a pioneering bakery and the first to sell sandwiches, sushi, handmade cookies and deep-fried pork ribs, all of which were extremely rare in the 1950s and 1960s. Honored as the “Superman of Bread”, third generation Olympia Foods manager Wu Zheng-Hua said: “We do not use frozen dough or purchase pre-stirred ingredients. We prefer to start with the raw materials because bread can taste more or less the same if it relies on pre-determined formulas and lacks individual character. Our unique techniques and formulas, including raw materials and seasoning are almost entirely imported for production by hand. Wu Ding-Biao once said: “If you decide to do something, make sure you do the best you can.” As part of this approach, Wu has studied the most authentic approaches, for instance, shaomai or authentic Cantonese dim sum is made from a beaten paste mixture that includes shrimp and black-haired pork without powder, so that it remains chewy even when cold.”

In recent years, Olympia has also embraced the trend for macrobiotic baking and focused on developing macrobiotic bread and souvenir gifts that appeal to the tastes of Taiwanese people. The company won the 1st Pineapple Bun Rhapsody prize in 2005, and was designated a pineapple pastries expert at the Taipei Fonglisu Festival in 2007 and 2008.
The honor of receiving such awards together with the brand’s quality guarantee demonstrates the company’s dedication to producing delicious products. The praise of bloggers and online users is an indication that Olympia Foods is not just a famous name, but also a producer of quality foods. It is only through such long-standing strengths that the company has been able to remain an important player in the highly competitive modern pastry market for so long.